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A1A Human Anatomy Torso (dual sex)


The original A1A anatomical model was produced in 1964. At that time, other models in the market used to be stumpy, bulky and unrealistic. A1A was created to be an innovation with the most realistic, more close-to-human anatomies. As there was no preceding example available back then, one of our employees at that time stood in as its living model. With his physically toned right arm, the athletic pose of A1A was adapted. Thanks to his contribution, A1A had since become our long-standing seller. As of 2018, A1A has been reborn with its new and improved features.

  1. Heart, frontal lungs and frontal diaphragm can be taken apart so that cross-sections and connecting organs can be seen.

  2. The stomach can be opened to see the inner structures.

  3. Improvements to the abdominal cover make the handling of the model much safer.

  4. Improvements to shape, cross-sections, colors and materials make anatomical understanding much easier.

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