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Physical Examinations


Practical fundus examination simulator with 10 clinical images and variations



1. 10 fundus slide cases of common eye diseases
2. Real clinical images
3. Lenses are used for a part of the eyeball, and reproduces the visual axis close to human.
4. You can examine the optic fundus with any ophthalmoscope available on the market. Provides you with the simulation of an actual examination.
5. It is possible to change the degree of dilation and contraction of the pupil in 3 steps (2, 3.5,5mm) offering different degrees of challenges. (*M82A is 2 steps; 3.5, 8mm)
6. The soft and supple material allows simulations of a real examination, in ways such as pulling up the eyelid.

m82D  (1).jpg

Training skills / Applications

Funds examination with direct ophthalmoscope

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