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MW18 Ultrasound-Guided PICC Training Simulator


New, innovative, human-like material for perfect visualization. An uncomplicated design with replaceable puncture site and anatomically accurate features including the rib cage, sternum, bifurcation, plus visible tip placement in the superior vena cava.


1 | Excellent image quality and visualization of the needle tip for ultrasound guided venous access

2 | Movable shoulder to demonstrate positioning

3 | Realistic flashback in needle provides confirmation for successful venous access

4 | Ribs and right clavicle provide anatomical understanding of correct PICC placement

5 | Anatomically correct bifurcation of the vein

6 | Simulation of cannula malposition

Training Skills/Applications

1 | Ensure patient comfort and position

2 | Hand hygiene and prepare sterile field

3 | Identify puncture site

4 | Ultrasound-guided insertion

5 | Insertion of dilator and guide wire

6 | Insertion of sheath

7 | Insertion of catheter

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