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MW26 Basic Patient Care Simulator "Keiko"


Patient simulator of geriatric care for trainees including home-care nurses and caregivers.


Keiko simulates patients under long-term cares in a variety of health care settings.

Training Skills/Applications

1| Nasogastric tube insertion
2| Oral care (Oral assessment, Teeth brushing, Denture care)
3| Airway suction (oral, nasal and tracheotomy)
4| Tracheotomy care and management
5| Central venous port management
6| PEG care
7| Perineal care - Anatomically correct genitals for detailed care
8| Pressure sores care (Stage 2: Scapula, Stage 3: Great trochanter, Stage 4: Sacrum bone, Unstageable: Heel)

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