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MW4 Ultrasound-Guided Thoracentesis Simulator


Ultrasound-Guided Thoracentesis Simulator features two types of puncture units: mid-scapular line access and mid-axillary line access.


Strap-on (wearable) puncture units facilitate hybrid training sessions with simulated patients.


1 | Palpable ribs

2 | Realistic needle-tip insertion and resistance

3 | Strap-on units to practice patient positioning and communication

4 | Two sites for access: right mid-scapular line and left mid-axillary line

5 | Volume of pleural effusion can be controlled to set different levels of difficulty.

6 | Body torso for independent training. (Only for MW4)

Training Skills/Applications

1 | Patient positioning

2 | Recognition of anatomical landmarks by ultrasound

3 | Assessment of level and volume of pleural effusion

4 | Determination of insertion site

5 | Needle insertion and collection of fluid

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