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MW40 Obstetric Training Simulator -complete set-

หุ่นจำลองส่วนท้องพร้อมทารกในครรภ์,รก,ปากมดลูก 5 ระยะ

Comprehensive maternal body set for skills training in vaginal examinations during labor and delivery


The external genitalia is made of innovative material that excels in elasticity, durability and resilience for effective and repetitive training.

Training Skills/Applications

1| Cervical examination
2| Delivery assistance
3| Perineorrhaphy (perineal repair)

4| Speculum examination 
5| Observation and cervical cytology
6| Urinary catheterization
7| Delivery assistance for different delivery positions (dorsal, all-fours)
8| Perineal protection | Delivery of fetus (forceps delivery, vacuum extraction)
9| Clamping, tying and cutting of the umbilical cord 
10| Delivery of the placenta | Insertion of urinary catheter

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