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MW48 Full Perinatal Patient Care Simulator "Hana"

หุ่นจำลองคนไข้ตั้งครรภ์ "ฮาน่า"

Be a part of Hana's journey as a new mother Training manikin from gestational to post-natal period. Let us help you take your first step in perinatal care!


Interchangeable abdomen to simulate perinatal examination, ultrasound examination of 23-week-fetus, cervical examination, labor, perineal tear and puerperal.

Training Skills/Applications

1| Perinatal examination
- Perinatal examination
- Ultrasound examination
- Cervical examination
- Birth positioning
- During labor - Perineal tear
- Vaginal delivery assistance
- Puerperal assessment
- Perineorraphy
- Uterine involution assessment

2| Airway management, Intubation assistance
3| Oral and Dental care
4| IM, IV injection (Upper arm)
5| Epidural placement
6| Intravenous injections and cannulation (Left median vein)
7| Cannula care (Left dorsal vein)
8| Urinary catheterization
9| Genital care


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